WNHU Hosts Lip Sync Battle


A night of music competition was brought to campus with WNHU’s annual Lip Sync battle. Thursday (March 2), in the German club, students were able to have a fun night of song and dance with their friends. This is the second year WNHU has held this event on campus, and it is held every semester, always proving successful.


The Lip Sync Battle is usually one of the events during Welcome Week at the end of August, co-sponsored with CSLEO, to get people hyped and have a good time with their friends. This event also helps to get the radio station’s name out there to the student body and show them a little bit of what they do.


Students were able to sign up to perform prior to the event, through Charger Connection, Facebook, or email. Students were also able to sign up on the night of the event by telling the emcee what song they would like to perform. They got to introduce who they were and what song they would be lip syncing for the judges.


“Judging is always the hardest part because everyone does such a great job,” said Leah Myers, one of the judges, and station manager of WNHU.


Throughout the event, participants went up on the runway and performed a song of their choice to amuse the crowd. Some songs were catchy and upbeat and others were slow and moving. In between acts WNHU played music for the crowd to dance to while the judges got ready for the next participant.


“It is always a pleasure to judge this event. I love seeing students come out of their comfort zones and express themselves to their favorite music,” said Chazz Mair, one of the judges, and a member of WNHU.


Some student participants were Penny Lane and David Montague, who lip synced a duet of Closer by the Chainsmokers.


“The atmosphere of the event was great! Most of all the people in the audience were there to participate too, so no one had to worry about being judged by their peers and instead were able to let go and have a good time. Overall, it was a really fun event,” said Penny Lane.


Cookie Brownstein, and promotion director for WNHU emceed the event. She ended the night off with a performance of her own, engaging the crown in lip syncing along to Goofy Goober from SpongeBob.