WNHU Holiday Fair

Ileana Alvarez-Diaz

WNHU’s Holiday Fair was adorable and well-planned. When you walked into the Dodds Theater, there were cute homemade cookies and hot chocolate just waiting to be picked up. Gift wrapping and the “make your own ornament” stations also added cheerfulness to the holiday atmosphere.

In Dodds, there were so many vendors my wallet could not take it. So much stuff! From concert DVDs to handmade plushies, it was a last-minute-gifter’s paradise. The vendors, who paid fees to participate, were also super nice.

Alica Easterwood, an independent consultant for Scentsy, was happy to show an alternative to candle burning. She sells cute handmade jars that use light bulbs to heat the wax, which she says is, “perfect for dorm rooms.” The variety of sweet scents she was also selling can create a soothing atmosphere anywhere. For the friend, family member or professor who loves scented candles, you can get more information at https://itsheavenly.scentsy.us/Scentsy/Home.

The more I walked into this lil’ market, the more art, jewelry and stocking stuffers I saw. There were knitted hats and scarfs, and quirky Christmas-y paintings and illustrations ranging from Adventure Time to Sailor Moon. It was all unique.

Lisa Luke, a junior, was selling her own unique metal jewelry as well. It is handcrafted and perfect for those who want to stand out and make a statement. There are beads and scales on these bracelets and necklaces. She even makes bracelets that look like mini dragons—how awesome is that?! She also takes requests. She says her jewelry is, “something you won’t find anywhere else.” And that is undeniably true. You can find more information at https://www.facebook.com/unchained4ever.

Aside from the handmade reindeer and the all-natural sweet smelling creams, there was an ongoing raffle at the WNHU table. I am not one for raffles since I never win, but it was nice to play since all the proceeds are going to Newtown in regards to the shooting.

In all honesty, this was its own winter wonderland. WNHU did a beautiful job of organizing this and helping a great cause. Every seller had unique items up for grabs. I only wish I had more money that day because these were sincerely stunning gifts for sale.