Winter Has Come to Mohegan Sun


Zachary Esposito/The Charger Bulletin

The evening of Sept. 28 Game of Thrones fans all over New England made their way to the Mohegan Sun Arena for a show like no other.

HBO’s Game of Thrones is one of the most watched shows in the world. “The New York Times” reported that last season’s finale broke series records and raked in approximately 12.1 million views when it aired August, and  gained another 4.5 million views when counting the HBO Now and HBO Go apps.

The series is successful for a lot of reasons, from the many stories that litter the intricate world that is the Seven Kingdoms and their surrounding lands, to the superb and in-depth character development, and  the spectacular visuals of medieval battles and dragons flying over rolling mountains.

Zachary Esposito/The Charger Bulletin

But what is something that every great television show or big-budget film needs to win over an audience? A beautiful and immersive musical score. The series score, by Ramin Djawadi, has been nominated for a number of awards.

Djawadi is the musical genius who has developed over years of composing for hit television shows such as Westworld and Prison Break, as well as critically-acclaimed films such as Iron Man. Djawadi knows what it takes to draw an audience in with his music, and he does not fail to do so in Game of Thrones. He creates each piece to immerse the viewers in the scene at hand, whether it be a battle with stacked odds, a wedding celebration, or one of the many coronations throughout the show.

Because of the many opportunities that the show’s visual and musical elements provide, Live Nation cooperated with HBO Global Licensing and Djawadi to bring the show to life in a way that only so many other Hollywood giants have gotten to see. Thus, The Game of Thrones tour was born.

The tour was much like others that have seen great success, such as Lord of the Rings and Star Wars. It uses video technology, special effects, and the live music of the show to create an immersive experience and take the audience on a journey through the many settings, battles, and stories of Game of Thrones. While the orchestra and choir perform the music, scenes from the show play on a massive screen that tie into the certain piece, and it all works together to tell the story of the show, from start to the current season.Zachary Esposito/The Charger Bulletin

Djawadi also displayed countless talents in the realm of musical instruments. The show included himself, a local choir and orchestra, and a dozen unique instruments and individual talents that performed marvelous vocals or other solos for specific pieces. Somber violin solos during songs such as “Goodbye Brother,” the Stark Family’s main theme, or chilling vocal work during songs like “The Rains of Castamere,” the haunting song of the Lannister House. Aside from the performers, the set was comprised of multiple different stages that could rise, swivel, and descend, as well as multiple large screens, hundreds of lighting effects, and pyrotechnics.

The crowd was not made up of solely Game of Thrones veterans, but new fans and people who had never seen the show. The audience was treated to a spectacular musical performance along with seeing replicas of various props from the show, including the coveted Iron Throne itself. The crowd chanted and cheered, booed and wiped tears from their faces all together as the music paired with the visuals elicited such emotion. Frequently, between songs, a growing roar of “King in the North!” would overcome the arena. To show the long awaited arrival of Winter, ominous showers of fake snow and dead leaves would fall onto the stage and the closer members of the audience. Flames shot from the stage as Emilia Clark’s Daenerys Targaryen burned her enemies with her three dragons.

The show perfectly harmonized the music with the visuals on screen, and brought out the very emotion of each scene as if the audience were seeing it for the first time all over again. You did not have to be an avid fan to appreciate the hard work and dedication that went into the performance, but it is absolutely a show that casual and avid fans alike must see.

The Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience will continue its tour in the United States and Canada until Oct. 14. To purchase tickets for one of the shows, visit or