Winners of the 87th Oscars

Ben Atwater

The 87th Academy Awards were not exactly surprising. However, just because the ceremony was predictable does not mean everything awarded was justified. While agreeing with most of the categories, I took issue with several of them. Obviously, The Lego Movie was snubbed of a nomination for Best Animated Film, and an argument could have been made that it also deserved a Best Picture and Screenplay nomination.


With Birdman taking home the most awards, including Best Picture, many feel that Boyhood was snubbed, only winning Best Supporting Actress for Patricia Arquette. While I do not feel Boyhood is a particularly good film, its twelve-year production span should have gained the film a special achievement award.

All of the acting award recipients earned their awards, particularly Eddie Redmayne. Having only seen The Theory of Everything this past weekend, I think the way Redmayne portrayed the slow digression into comatose as a victim of ALS was astounding, as was Julianne Moore’s performance as an Alzheimer’s patient in Still Alice.

Most upsetting to me was the Visual Effects award. Won by Interstellar, I feel that this award belonged to Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. While Interstellar had great visuals, it was nothing we have not seen before. Apes was my favorite film of 2014, and I would have seen it nominated for Best Picture if it was up to me.

Yet, all in all, the ceremony was entertaining. Neil Patrick Harris did a much better job hosting than Ellen DeGeneres last year, who lost sight of focus too often. The Birdman-inspired segment where Harris walked through the halls of the Dolby Theater in his underwear was, quite frankly, hysterical. The opening song was also very well done and funny, with the help of Anna Kendrick and a surprise performance by Jack Black.