Why Do Racism and Sexism Still Exist?

Leeandre Richards

All persons shall be created equal is a philosophy that most people believe in but this philosophy, as logical as it is, didn’t mean as much to other people. Society has changed its views on everyone whether it is ethnicity, gender, or religion. Granted, there are some things that you cannot change but the things we can change no one wants to. Why is that there are laws that are put in place about violence against women but can allow certain people or convicted persons to get reduced sentences from violating that very same law. The contradiction that is expressed proves how society can be manipulated into going against the values that this country stands for. The counterargument to this is that if said convicted person was a minority, then this person would be serving a life sentence or possibly get the death penalty. Why is it that we can bend the law for some people and not for others? How is that justice or fair? Why do we need to bend the law in the first place, why can’t we convict people that are guilty and give them the punishment that fits their crime? Why does society have to make the simplest task difficult for those who are innocent but easy for those who are guilty? It proves to people that have common sense that our society doesn’t care about the welfare of the people in this country. It proves to us that safety is probably just a figment of our imagination because if we allow people who commit murder, rape, burglary, fraud etc. free, then are we no better than them. People who have committed a crime will get arrest (eventually), be processed, and sent to trial by jury of their peers, who are none other than people from their society.