When Will It Stop?

‘History repeats itself,’ is a phrase used to describe recurring events. One recurring event that we just can’t seem to get away from is that of mass shootings in America.From the Columbine massacre in 1999, to the Sandy Hook shooting in  2012, to the most recent shooting of parishioners in a Pittsburgh synagogue a few weeks ago, gun violence in America is at an all time high. The debate on gun control in America can be a sensitive subject depending on what audience is listening.

In America, on average, 96 people die from gun violence everyday. One out of three homes with kids have guns and nearly 4.6 million children live in a home with loaded and unsecured guns. What’s even more shocking from these statistics is knowing that the U.S. holds the 31st highest gun violence rate in the world with more than 70 percent of all homicides in this country committed with firearms.

You would think with alarming statistics like these, that there would be more gun control. It would be sensible  for there to be extensive background checks on individuals prior to them purchasing a gun, but there is not. It would also make sense to ban certain types of firearms.  There is no reason for civilians to have access to automatic assault rifles.

But, obtaining a gun is as easy as going into the store and buying candy.  There are not many limitations in the process of getting a firearm. A quick process that probably takes less than an hour changes the lives of thousands in matter of seconds.

In the recent shooting that happened in a Pittsburgh synagogue, 31 percent of people blame the lack of gun control and not the shooter.  46 percent of people feel that more gun control can avoid mass shootings like this to recur, 43 percent disagree, and 10 percent are still undecided on how they feel.

What are we doing as a community to make sure that a tragedy like this doesn’t happen again?

The state of Connecticut has banned large capacity ammunition magazines, which means, firearms magazines, belt, drum, feed strip or similar devices that have the capacity, or can be restored or converted to accept, more than 10 rounds of ammunition are illegal.  The state also banned bump stocks, which is a device that enables a firearm to fire like an automatic weapon.

Although we are headed in the right direction of gun control, where we are not limiting citizens second amendment rights but are putting more to the process of obtaining a firearm, we have not reached a satisfying end for individuals who have been affected by mass shootings.

We have reached the point where gun control should not be an option but a necessity for this country. As college students we are among a demographic that can be targeted any day.  The thought of that is petrifying. Until the right officials are elected and in office, we won’t see a change with gun control.

This should encourage us to become more aware of officials who are running and where they stand on the topic of gun