When Is It Too Early to Celebrate the Holidays?

Every year, stores start putting up holiday decorations earlier and earlier. Whether it is Halloween or Valentine’s Day, it seems like the moment that a holiday is approaching, stores let everyone know that it’s time to celebrate. One holiday that I think they go overboard with is Christmas. Why do we skip over Thanksgiving?

All I want for Christmas is not you, but for people to stop playing Christmas music from Nov. 1 until Dec. 25. I am not saying that I dislike Christmas music, but I am saying that listening to it for a full month, with the same songs sung by different people, gets on my nerves. There’s nothing more irritating than listening to “Silent Night” sung by Justin Bieber, unless it’s three minutes later listening to the same song sung by Josh Groban.

Thanksgiving isn’t my favorite holiday, but it has become a nice buffer from Halloween to Christmas. It’s time to spend some much-needed time with family and friends before Christmas lights are hung and carols are sung. It’s a nice time where people don’t stress about what gifts to get everyone, a time to enjoy their time spent with others.

That time is short-lived with Black Friday coming earlier and earlier. As we know, stores on Black Friday have opened much earlier on Thanksgiving, which puts people in Christmas mode before they could sit down with their loved ones.

The Christmas season has eaten almost the whole month of November. People automatically shift their brains into shopping and winter mode when there is still a whole other month full of fall.

Christmas is nice, but it comes too early. Let’s face it, we all know that one person who gets way too excited about Christmas and annoys you with their Christmas music and their ugly sweaters before you could even take off your Halloween costume.

I might sound like Ebenezer Scrooge, but please wait until after Thanksgiving before blasting Christmas music and putting up your decorations. There is a whole month to celebrate the holiday season, and starting early won’t make it come any faster.