What Gives With School Spirit?

Matt DiGiovanni

I’ll be the first to admit that sports don’t hold a huge spot in my life these days. Because of that, I don’t necessarily show the most school spirit as far as our sports teams here at UNH go. I like to see them do well, I speak highly of them, but I don’t follow them as much as an avid sports fan would.

Regardless of all that, after winning the second round game versus Kutztown, I was excited for our team! Despite this, you would hardly have known that our football team was going to the NCAA Division II quarterfinals walking around campus last week. In a conversation, someone pointed out to me that it was almost as if we were having someone go around and remove all traces of this accomplishment on campus. It’s great that a fan bus was planned so quickly to get our students to the game, but some more spirit on campus would’ve been great to see! Here’s a few thoughts I have on what we could’ve done better to support our team before sending them off, and maybe something we can plan for the future!

There are various flat screens across campus that just flash some UNH campus news; why not put something up there congratulating the team for their victory/wishing them good luck in the next game. I’m not saying only broadcast that, but make it big and flashy! In line with that, I know that I can watch a live stream of the game online, and that there was a viewing party in the Alumni Lounge, but we have that movie channel (channel 15 on campus if I’m not mistaken), has anyone looked into getting our teams’ live streams played on that? It would be AWESOME if our students on campus could tune into the games on TV when they can’t get out to the games for one reason or another.

Another option: I know I read some posts on Facebook/Twitter about a spur of the moment send off for our team, but I can’t help but feel like we could’ve done better. I was glad to see the combined efforts of everyone who planned the trip down to the game (everyone did a great job with that), but I wish we could’ve planned something to give them a proper pep rally! Let’s get some people, food, and music together and make it celebration!

Sure, we could just celebrate wearing normal clothes, but it’d be more fun wearing our school’s colors! Spirit days have been done before (there’s even Spirit week!) but it would’ve been great if we setup some type of incentive for everyone to represent our school in the lead up to the game on Saturday. Even if it were something really simple, it would be terrific seeing the whole campus community showing the school colors.

Those are just a few pretty obvious ideas, but I think I made my point. All of UNH’s sports teams have being doing pretty great this year, and we should show that we’re proud of them. I focused on football since their game was over the weekend, but these could easily apply to any team! Even though our team did lose their game this Saturday, we should be proud of the work they have accomplished this season in all of their games. We should all be proud of being a Charger and what Chargers can accomplish.

Well, this is the second to last issue of The Charger Bulletin for the semester, and it’s the last full week of classes! Good luck wrapping up this semester!