What are you thankful for?

Kaitlin Mahar

“Spending time with my family.”  Rich Rotella, Senior


“The opportunity to have an education when most women are oppressed or don’t have the same opportunity.” Victoria Johnson, Junior

“Seeing my family, eating a lot of food and watching football.” Lamar Leonard, Senior

“Friends and family. Spending time with my family and seeing people I haven’t seen in a couple months. It makes me really happy.” John Foti, Senior

“Family at home and at UNH, and my brothers of SAE.” Jerome Ware, Junior

“Seeing my family.” Jenn Mazza, Senior

“Seeing my mom. I love my mother.” Shelissa Newball

“I bought a bunch of movie on Black Friday and I watched with my family.” Joe Brown, Senior

“Being able to touch so many lives at the University, so many likes before the University and her brother and sister.” Officer Novella and K-9 Nia

“My favorite part was being able to be with my parents and my brother at the same time because he just became a police officer, so he has to work a lot of weekends and stuff.” Erika Williams, Senior

“I flew back to my country, China. It was nearly 14 hours. I got to spend some time with my friends and family because I haven’t seen them in one and a half years.” Alex Cai, Senior

“Being able to go home and hit the reset button. You can just go home and be with family and clear your mind just in time to come back for finals.” Dave Puglisi, Senior

“That I’m almost done with school.” Antoniette Gardner, Senior

“Being able to cook and try new recipes.” Miriam Correia, Senior