Welcome to UNH

Samantha Reposa

Students move into the University of New Haven.  Photo by University of New Haven
Students move into the University of New Haven.
Photo by University of New Haven

The dawn of a new semester turns the page to the next chapter for many students at the University of New Haven. A clean slate is in tact with the optimistic hopes of nailing that 4.0 grade point average and maintaining a solid gym routine with a healthy diet. It is an exciting time for many, but none more than for the incoming freshman class.

The UNH graduating class of 2020, which is represented by 49-states, made the move last week to the independence of campus living and are eager to start the next phase of their lives.

For freshman Winter Lauch, choosing UNH was a clear choice while deciding where to attend college thanks to the home-y atmosphere that the campus carries.

“Once I got accepted, I came to visit and fell in love, not only with the campus, but with my major and the vibe I got from every student I passed,” Lauch said. “Everyone smiled and asked me how I was doing and just seemed very genuine and that sold me.”


Lauch is ready to contribute to the university both academically and socially, as she cannot wait to indulge in various internships and clubs on campus.

“I want to really get involved outside of campus, but I also know that I need to set a lot of time aside for study,” says Lauch. “Finding the balance will be interesting.”

Eleigh Moulton, is another one of the many new students who are eager to start her career path in graphic design. Despite the excitement of starting new, naturally she still felt the butterflies of nerves about the change.

“If there was one thing I was most nervous about it would be having a hard time fitting in,” Moulton said. “Everyone here is their own person and I love seeing it.”

The pool of new people and opportunity that is brought with the start of college could be overwhelming, but deems to be a major thrill factor for many of the new students.

“I most look forward to meeting new people, discovering what I’m really passionate about doing, and going for great internship opportunities,” said Christina Genovese who is looking at completing a double major in English and communication.


This time last year Kimberly Minier was an eager new student ready to start her UNH experience and wasted no time getting involved as soon as she settled in on campus. Between being elected an USGA senator to becoming a sister of Phi Sigma Sigma to end her freshman year by being elected to the USGA executive board as the assistant treasurer, she did it all. Minier now encourages the new class to get involved and take full advantage of all the university has to offer.

Besides advising the freshman against wearing their lanyards around their necks, Minier says the best advice she can give is to figure out where your interests lie and life only gets easier (and less stressful) from there.

What could be considered the most exciting, yet nerve-wrecking experience of one’s life is the transition into the independence of adulthood, but the Class of 2020 is ready for the new beginnings filled with promise and opportunity that they are about to embark on at UNH.

“College is a fresh start for me and I want to make lifelong friends while I am here,” Moulton said.