Welcome to RECSports

Kat Wilberding

WEST HAVEN–Congratulations to Red Army for being this week’s Participants of the Week. They’ve shown great sportsmanship and continue to be good competitors!

There have been many questions about RECSports, including who can play and how to sign up. So this week I am going to dedicate the article to explaining some of the finer details.
RECSports, being an intramural program for the UNH community, is all about participation. While winning is always great, it is more important to have fun and interact with different people in a positive way. To encourage participation and good sportsmanship RECSports offers a year-long competition called the Quest for the Charger Cup. The Quest is a cumulative points competition. Teams earn points for registering a team in any division of any sport, wining and losing games, completing the end of season survey, and for playoff standings. Teams lose points for forfeiting, player ejection, and a low REC rating. The REC rating is a performance assessment on a team’s sportsmanship. It is graded on a 4.0 scale at the end of each game. The team at the end of the academic year that has the highest point total wins the Charger Cup. The team name is put on the Charger Champions plaque and a banner.

Teams may join the Quest at any time. Any individual playing an individuals sport (like racquetball) on behalf of a Quest team may earn points for that team. Teams can earn multiple points for the same sport by registering a team for the different divisions of that sport. Quest teams can have a maximum roster of 35 individuals who play on the various teams that the overall Quest team organizes for each division in which the team decides to play. However, all of the teams fielded must have the same name as the overall Quest team and must keep it throughout the Quest competition. Example: the Kinky Bears have 20 players. Twelve players are playing in the team handball league and 15 are playing in the kickball league. The Kinky Bears field a co-rec kickball team and a men’s kickball team. The Kinky Bears would get points for the two kickball teams and the handball team. All the points go to the overall Kinky Bears team, but some players play multiple sports for the team and others only play one for the team. The final rule for being a Quest team is that a participant cannot play for two Quest teams.

To register as a team, the group of students, faculty, or staff need only do two things. First, a manager and assistant manager need to fill out the registration form which is located online at www.newhaven.edu/chargerrec or at the Equipment Issue Desk located within the Rec Center. Second, at least one manager needs to attend the pre-season managers’ meeting. The date, time and location of the meeting are available at the time of registration. If teams follow all the registration protocols they will be set to play in the season. Schedules will be emailed to the managers, but there will also be a master schedule posted on the RECSports bulletin board located across from the Equipment Issue Desk. Then team members just need to attend the scheduled matches.

Free agents are not guaranteed a chance to play in a sport. Free agents are individuals who do not have a team but would like to play. The free agent’s information is posted online for teams who don’t quite have enough players, or for teams who need to flush out the roster. It is the responsibility of free agent to find a team or a team to find participants. If the free agent is picked up by a team, it is the agent and team managers’ responsibility to inform RECSports. A participant may not play for two teams in the same division of the same sport. Procedure on free agents can be found, along with registration forms, at the Equipment Issue Desk or online at our website.

For information regarding RECSports, such as which sports are being offered and when, the number of students allowed on a roster, the rules of a sport, forms, etc., students may check out RECSports link on the ChargerRec webpage, check out the RECSports bulletin board, and/or speak with the Equipment Services Attendant at the Equipment Issue Desk.