Welcome Back!


I hope that you enjoyed your long winter break and got plenty of rest.

Unfortunately, it’s time to once again hit the books and start doing homework.

Over the break, the USGA was working on several different projects. This past weekend we held our USGA retreat and had approximately 30 students move back to campus early and travel down to New Haven. The retreat included a professional guest speaker and several workshops presented by the members of the USGA Executive Board. We also designed and published our first ever USGA Alumni Newsletter titled Point of Order. The newsletter was sent via e-mail to all of the USGA’s alumni who have e-mail addresses on file and will be mailed to all of the remaining alumni in the coming weeks. After this inaugural edition, the newsletter will be strictly electronic in an effort to go green! If you are interested in reading the newsletter, it is posted on the homepage of ChargerVoice directly under the Spring 2009 schedule.