Welcome Back!

Matt DiGiovanni

Welcome back to the start of another semester! I hope everyone had a very relaxing and fun winter break and is returning to UNH ready to go and put all those New Year’s resolutions to the test! As I start my last semester here (scary!), I can’t help but reflect a little on my time at UNH and everything I have, and haven’t, done. I know I’ve written time and time again about getting involved and working hard throughout the semester, but I’m taking a slightly different approach this time around. Read on for a few of my fondest experiences and biggest regrets since I started here way back in 2008!

One of my biggest regrets is not being MORE involved with clubs and organizations. Sure, I’m really, really, involved with The Charger Bulletin and that’s great, but there are so many groups that do so much, and I know that I would’ve enjoyed being a part of all that. I hardly advocate getting involved with everything on campus, becoming overwhelmed, and then quitting almost everything, but another club or two would’ve been great. I was briefly involved with a few clubs freshman year and than realized that they really weren’t what I was looking for, so I left them. My mistake was I didn’t replace the clubs I left with other involvement, leaving me with an awful lot of free time.

For positive experiences, I have to say getting on campus employment is fantastic! The beauty of working on campus compared to working off campus is the flexibility and understanding that the offices on campus show towards their student workers. I’m not going to say that work always fits perfectly into my schedule, I need to shift things around and plan to make everything fit, but if something last minute comes up for a class and I need to meet with the professor or TA, I have always been allowed to shift my hours around so I could do so. In addition to the convenience factor, I have also gained a great deal of knowledge working for the Career Development Center and Henry C. Lee Institute. Everything from learning how to create a great resume and have the perfect job interview to learning bits and pieces about forensic science, I have diversified myself immensely with just a little bit of hard work!

Saving the best for last – my experience with The Charger Bulletin has been pretty spectacular. I can’t say that I’ve accomplished everything I’ve wanted to, but it’s been a great ride for the past three semesters as editor-in-chief, and I’m really looking forward to my final semester in the position. I hope all you readers out there have enjoyed the newspaper that Joann, myself, and our staff have produced, and I, as always, welcome any input that anyone may have regarding improving the paper. Feel free to contact me via email at [email protected] and I will respond promptly to let you know I received your email!

That about wraps it up, so I’ll close by saying have a great semester, and to all you great people that I’ve met during my time at UNH, keep being the same awesome people you’ve been!