Weekly Roundup

Ben Atwater

A new photo of Jared Leto as the Joker has surfaced. Looking more like the classic joker from the comics, the joker is set to appear in 2016’s Suicide Squad. The popular mobile game Five Nights at Freddy’s is set to have a cinematic rendering, produced by Warner Bother’s studios. Kevin Fiege, the head of Marvel Studios, has confirmed that the new Spiderman will “be young, 15-16, and will not have an origin story.” Also announced was Furious 8, sequel to Furious 7. Furious 8 will come out April 14, 2017. This is no shocker, as Furious 7 has made over $1.2 billion dollars and counting. Another sequel will to come in 2017 is Transformers 5. Again, after Transformers 4 made over $1 billion dollars, this is a no brainer. Finally, Michelle Maclaren has left Wonderwoman, so the female superhero film shall have to find a new director before its release in 2017.