We Get It, She’s Back


So she has made a “comeback” again, folks. Miss Britney Spears is back flooding the entertainment media after battling baldness, court orders, and brainwashing last year.

Not only is she on the cover of the latest issue of Rolling Stone, the pop princess also appeared in a “tell-all” documentary and released her new album, Circus. Good for her. Now she can make money again.

What bothers me is the role we as media consumers play in Britney’s life. Why do you think she went off the deep end in the first place? Because we buy the magazines that put paparazzi at her door every minute of the day. We questioned her parenting skills. We pressured her to always look hot. No wonder she started being influenced by shady people and ignoring what she looked like when she left the house. Now that she’s skinny and no longer bald, we have thrown her back up on the pedestal that, to be honest, she hasn’t deserved in years.

I give her credit- she has maintained her status as a huge star by doing a lot of nothing. While her last CD did get her a lot of attention and respect, it was not anything extraordinary. She still doesn’t write her own songs and her music is so over-mixed that you can’t even hear what her voice really sounds like. I love “Womanizer,” but I don’t hear an inch of Britney in that song. I hear a studio technician pushing buttons.

I can’t appreciate the amount of attention we as a society give someone that has hit rock bottom (because of our society itself) and then returned to the exact same outlet that lead her to hit rock bottom in the first place. Aren’t there people out saving the world that deserve our attention more than her? I don’t see her mental breakdown worthy of our attention and I don’t see the big deal about her making a new album after it. We all need to get a better hobby.