War of the Worlds for the Modern Day


On Halloween 1938, Orson Welles shocked a nation with a radio drama about Martians invading Earth. Listeners fled major cities, thinking aliens actually were marching towards New York City.  Despite all the shock and confusion, The War of the Worlds is the most well-known radio drama of all time.

In the era of iPods and podcasts comes a new age of radio dramas. Christof Laputka takes the stage with The Leviathan Chronicles. Ever since the Eleventh Century, Immortals have walked the earth. They remain hidden and use their extensive lifespans to further the pursuit of science. However, the mysterious Black Door Group is always trying to eliminate the Immortals. If that wasn’t enough, a civil war has erupted within the Immortals.

Join Macallan Orsel, the center of it all, as she fights for her own survival from both sides. Though an Immortal herself, Macallan has allied with the Rebellion. She is the savior of the Immortals and poses a powerful threat against the original Immortal. What’s in store for Macallan? You’ll just have to go to www.leviathanchronicles.com to find out.

The Leviathan Chronicles is masterfully done. Unlike most podcasts of today, Leviathan has its own sound effects, over 60 actors, and an original music score.

“We don’t use the wonky organ music of times past. We like fast paced, rock n’ roll action. I’m trying to convert the Golden Age of Radio to Golden Age of iPods,” said Laputka.

There are sadly very few “modern” audio dramas being produced today. At the end of the most recent episodes, Laputka puts on the trailers for other audio dramas. He also gives hints on what to expect in future Leviathan episodes. Currently, the saga is eleven episodes long. There will be two seasons each containing 25 episodes.

Christof Laputka would love to hear what you think about The Leviathan Chronicles. The main site has a link to contact the author. Since he is trying something new, Laputka wants to know how to make his creation even better. He is very quick to respond and will get back to you in a few days. The podcast is also available on iTunes in the podcast section as well as on its own site.