Wanda Tyler Leaves UNH

Samantha Higgins

On Friday Feb. 28 the University of New Haven said goodbye to Wanda Tyler and wished her luck as she left for a new position at East Carolina University.

Tyler has worked in the Office of Intercultural Relations at UNH for nine and a half years. During her times here she has implemented the Diversity Peer Educator program, Safe Zone Trainings, Identity Day, Black and Latino Alumni Weekend, Women’s History Month SHEroes reception, among others. She has worked hands on with the Black Student Union, Latin American Student Association, NAACP, PRIDE, MOGALize, and the cultural Greek organizations.

Tyler has numerous memories of her time working with various RSOs and offices on campus, she will be continuing work similar to what she has done here as the new Director of Intercultural Affairs at East Carolina University.

“We will greatly miss Wanda for all she has done to support many of our UNH students and to advance diversity and inclusion on this campus, but we wish her the best of success in her new position,” the Executive Director of International and Multicultural Student Programs and Services Kathy Kautz de Arango said.

Tyler has used her time at UNH representing numerous organizations, working with both staff and students at UNH. “Wanda was a wonderful and caring part of our team who always had the best interests of her students at heart. I’m definitely going to miss having her down the hall,” said Mindi Hill from the Office of Student Activities.

Tyler served as an advocate for underrepresented students and employees. “I’ll miss the students as well as the faculty and staff allies who supported me and my departments,” Tyler said.

“For most of the time that I knew her she was the sole staff member for an entire department. Let that sink in for a minute. She was the only staff member at the helm of the Office of Intercultural Relations. That alone is amazing and can only demonstrate her passion for what she did on campus,” said Krys Maingrette, who worked with Tyler through his participation with two RSOs on campus. “As an advisor for two organizations that I am a part of she always made time to listen to our ideas for events that we would like to host and give her opinions of them. She would always make sure that we were not overwhelming ourselves with RSO activities and ask about our personal and academic life to make sure that there was a balance. She is such a caring person and there is definitely going to be a hole on campus now that she has left us. I will miss her dearly,” said Maingrette.

Tyler’s position has not been filled yet. “Filling her footprint in the Office of Intercultural Relations will be a challenge, but we promise to hire someone who cares about the students like she has and will hold the student’s best interests at heart,” said Kautz de Arango.

Leaving UNH isn’t easy for Tyler. “My sincere hope is that UNH will strive towards the worthwhile goal of creating and maintaining an inclusive, respectful campus community where everyone feels safe to just be themselves. Our students, faculty, staff, alumni and community members deserve nothing less!”