Velasquez Rocks Lesnar in First Round Claiming UFC Title

Tom Chieppo

Undefeated Cain Velasquez made Brock Lesnar just another one of his victim as he mauled him in the first round via a TKO punch, his eighth overall, at four minutes and 12 seconds by the stoppage of referee Herb Dean. This turned the main event into a one sided bout, and Velasquez claimed the most prestigious prize for the first time in his illustrious career at the Honda Center in Anaheim California last week: the UFC Heavyweight Championship “It was a sweet feeling,” Velasquez said, according to Yahoo Sports. “All the work I put in was for that moment. I pictured it playing out that way. It was the best ending I could think of as far as the whole story.”

Lesnar roared out of the corner to begin the fight using all of his energy by delivering devastating punches and high knees in Velasquez’s face. Velasquez took all of Lesnar’s punishment as if it didn’t have any effect on him. The momentum completely shifted as Lesnar, battered, bruised, fatigued, and bloody, went tumbling down by rolling backwards to the end of the cage. Trying to get up, but he was taken down by the quick strikes of Velasquez. Lesnar was disappointed by losing his title in a short fashion. However, he stayed positive after the match concluded. “I expected nothing less from him; he’s a great fighter,” Lesnar said according to Yahoo Sports. “Congratulations, Cain,” Lesnar said after the fight ended. “I had a good training camp. What can I say? He was better than me tonight.”

Velasquez is no small man; he’s six foot two and weighed 245 pounds at Friday night’s weigh in. Lesnar weighed in at 264 pounds and a height of six feet, three inches tall. The speed of Velasquez made all the difference as he timed Lesnar’s punches and knees. When Lesnar fell to the ground, it was now or never for Velasquez, and he made history by knocking out the biggest sports star in the UFC. “He looked incredible tonight,” said UFC President Dana White, according to Yahoo Sports. “The guy (Velasquez) gets better every time he fights. He’s incredibly well-rounded.”

Dana White had more to add about the bout. “I think he answered all the questions tonight,” he said. “Brock came out like a bull man. He (Lesnar) went after him and hit with some big shots and a flying knee. I didn’t think this fight was going to five rounds. Especially, the pace these guys were fighting at.”

It’s a new era in the UFC: the Velasquez era. By staying undefeated with a 9-0 fight record, he added the most impressive accomplishment on his resume: the UFC championship. Lesnar was bested by the bigger dog. The UFC Heavyweight Division just got a whole lot more interesting as Cain Velasquez is going to be around for a while. Perhaps these two warriors could square off in a possible rematch for the gold.