Vanessa Bayer Kicks Off Spring Weekend 2017


This year’s annual Spring Weekend kicked off on Friday, April 27 at the North Campus Gymnasium, hosted by SCOPE. The performers included a University of New Haven student, Streeter Seidell, from College Humor and Saturday Night Live, and Vanessa Bayer from Saturday Night Live.

The SCOPE committee heads and volunteers starting transforming the North Campus Gymnasium at 10:00am on Friday. They had it all put up at around 2:00, with the help of all their volunteers and SCOPE members.

“We had a lot of volunteers this year, it went really smoothly and we got it done in a good amount of time,” said Nicole Langlois, president-elect of SCOPE.

“As a first year student I didn’t know what to expect from set up. I got to see how much goes into a concert set, with lighting, sound, and building a stage. It’s a lot of work, but it all came out great,” said freshman Lauren Cohen.

The performance opened up with University of New Haven student, Austin Thomas, doing a stand up performance. He is a mechanical engineering student, and did jokes on what it’s like to be in that field, especially how hard it is for female engineers. Thomas also made jokes about the university and single vs. dating life. He won the university’s Last Comic Standing competition, and was given the opportunity to open up for Seidell and Bayer.

“I am very honored to have this opportunity. I really just had to put myself out there at the Last Comic Standing competition, and I ended up winning. Meeting Streeter and Vanessa was like meeting any other people, but they just happen to be famous. They were very nice and casual,” said Thomas.

The next performer was Streeter Seidell, who is known as an actor, comedian, writer for College Humor, and now Saturday Night Live. He talked about the Spring Weekend Carnival, and joked about the stereotypical college expectations of Spring Weekends.

“I feel like carnivals always look so good from far away, and then the closer you get to it you’re like, ‘oh no this is horrible’,” he said. “You get inside and everything’s made of rust and people are screaming from being upside down in a small metal cage.”

He also told stories about what it was like when he went to college at Fordham in New York, and what his Spring Weekend was like. He also joked about the University of New Haven, and was surprised on how much money we pay, that we don’t have a lot of parking because our cars would be stolen anyway, and why someone from California would chose to go here in Connecticut where we don’t even have a state sports team.

The closing act was Vanessa Bayer, actress and comedian from Saturday Night Live. She talked about what it was like for her going to college, and how she started off as a Biology major and found it was too hard, so she became a Communications major and said that that’s who people are looking to hire out of college because maybe all those people are secretly Communications majors too.

Bayer also did impressions, including some of her famous ones like Jacob the Bar Mitzvah boy, Miley Cyrus, and Rachel Green from Friends.

Bayer ended on saying, “Thank you guys for having me tonight, enjoy the carnival, don’t drink too much because when you go to the concert at night if you get too drunk you’ll sleep through it. You guys have been great, thank you again. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and good luck with finals!”