Valentine’s Day Playlist: Made for U.N.H.


Welcome to Made for U.N.H! Valentine’s Day is around the corner and sometimes you need a new playlist. This playlist can be used to express your love to your significant other or to rant about an previous ex. Here are ten songs that summarize the upcoming holiday.

“All for You” by Janet Jackson
Janet Jackson provides a smooth R&B melody that is reminiscent of love songs from the ‘80s and ‘90s. Use this song to show your significant other that you truly appreciate them. Go all out and get them anything they want to express how much you love them.

“Best Part” by H.E.R. (feat. Daniel Caesar)
H.E.R has always been the queen of making music that is relaxed yet powerful. “Best Part” is a reminder to the reasons why your significant other is in your life. Write little love notes this Valentine’s Day describing everything you love about your partner.

“The Way” by Ariana Grande (feat. Mac Miller)
This song captures the image of a teenage romance. Ariana Grande sings about her love for Mac Miller and how much they support each other. Show your support this holiday by watching a movie in your own blanket fort.

“Love On Top” by Beyoncé
Sometimes all you need to do is dance with your partner! “Love On Top” is a classic bop that is a celebration of your affection. This song highlights that your partner is the only person you want to spend Valentine’s Day with. Go to a nightclub or have your own dance party to celebrate your bond.

“IDGAF” by Dua Lipa
The rest of the playlist changes tone in support of those who are single on Valentine’s Day. “IDGAF” acts as an anthem for everyone who has ever had a break-up. In the end, you have to make time for yourself and realize that you’re better off without your ex.

“Just Fine” by Mary J. Blige
Mary J. Blige spreads a message of self-love and wants you to celebrate who you are. You should not have to change who you are in order to impress someone. You are perfect the way you are and do not need another person to complete your life!

“Maniac” by Conan Gray
Sometimes a relationship ends when you realize how crazy your ex is. “Maniac” describes what happens when your ex spreads rumors about you in an attempt to get you back together. If you’re worried about what others might think about you, realize your close friends know who you truly are. Take it as a victory since your ex realizes what they’re missing out on.

“Since You’ve Been Gone” by Kelly Clarkson
This last song expresses what it feels like to be single. Breaking up with an ex can be very liberating for some people. Sometimes we don’t realize how much a person can weigh us down. This Valentine’s Day enjoy your freedom in being single!