Utterly Disgusting

The Charger Bulletin

Amanda ZeRuth, SCOPE Co-Chair

On Saturday, Oct. 25, I had the pleasure-or so I thought-of going to my first UNH Hockey game, which was great to see so many students and faculty at the ice rink supporting our team.

My joyful hockey experience was soon turned upside down, however, when opposing team Rhode Island College was announced. After each Rhode Island College player’s name was announced, UNH fans booed him. The heckling of the game then proceeded to get worse: fans went to the extent of cheering that the girls of RIC have syphilis. I understand that sports are competitive; by nature, even I am a very competitive person. But I still believe in showing respect to other players. I too want our team to win but I would never drop down to the level that I saw that night.

I think one of the worst things of the night occurred when a player from Rhode Island College was lying on the ice hurt. Instead of being quiet and wondering if he was alright, some UNH students proceeded to yell and say that he was a liar and was not really hurt, while others wished that he was hurt badly. In any sporting event I have ever participated in or gone to, whenever a player gets injured the opposing team’s fans have never badmouthed the person. In fact, one other person and I were the only people who clapped when he got off the ice, which just in case you didn’t know, is custom at sporting events.

The acts of UNH students absolutely baffled and appalled me, as it was the first time I have ever been embarrassed to be wearing my school colors. As I said previously I understand competition, but how would you like it if the other team’s fans did the same to UNH? Plus, the students who committed these crude acts not only made themselves look bad to fellow students who were at the game, but because of these students the whole UNH community looks like disrespectful assholes and all in all gives the university a bad reputation. Overall, I was stunned by the utter disrespect that the other team was shown by some of the UNH students and I hope students think next time before they insult the other team.