USGA Welcomes The Class of 2012


Over the past week the USGA has been working hard to welcome back students and greet the class of 2012. Many USGA senators have been volunteering for several events around campus.

On Aug. 26, the USGA sponsored a massive club fair under the large tent in the quad. At the Thumbnail image for louis.JPGevent were over 75 different organizations from USGA-recognized organizations, university-recognized organizations to some of our local West Haven vendors. With approximately 1000 students on hand, many organizations saw a sharp increase in their club’s membership. I even heard that one organization had to switch the location of their meetings to a larger venue to accommodate the large group of interested students. The USGA executive board was on hand at the USGA table to answer questions students had about USGA and to try and recruit new members.

On Friday, Aug. 29 the USGA set up a table in the quad by the stairs to hand out free key chains. Over the summer, the USGA purchased small soft vinyl key chains with the USGA logo on one side and printed on the other. Members of the USGA were at the table for a good part of the morning giving out key chains and answering questions related to USGA. All 500 key chains were distributed to students by approximately 1:30 in the afternoon.

Many USGA senators also played a large role in the All Day Q&A event sponsored by the Office of Student Activities. Eleven of our USGA senators volunteered to wear bright yellow shirts all day to identify themselves as student leaders who could help students with any questions. Many of the USGA senators reported that students took advantage of their yellow shirts and they were able to answer any question they were asked.

Our first USGA meeting was yesterday, Sept. 2, and I hope that you were able to attend. I look forward to seeing you in an upcoming USGA meeting!