USGA Senate Seats Going Quickly


At the start of the academic year the USGA had five open
senate seats and was actively seeking qualified candidates. At our Sept. 9
meeting we filled three of those seats. Our Sept. 16 meeting also introduced
possible candidates and it is expected that more seats will be filled.

The introduction of the three new senators on Sept. 9 was
noteworthy because two of the senators are freshman. For those of you who don’t
know the university undergraduate enrollment is approximately 3,000 students,
half of whom are freshmen. Many current senators were excited to see freshman
jumping into the position, as well as welcoming them to the senate.

The idea of freshman being senators is a relatively new
concept for the USGA. The USGA previously had a clause in the constitution
that all senators need to maintain a 2.5 GPA to be a senator, which excluded
freshman from applying since they did not have an established GPA until their
second semester. That requirement has since been removed and we now encourage
all interested freshman to apply.

Senator applications are always available on
under the forms page. Interested applicants can visit the site and fill out the
electronic form which gets sent directly to the USGA President. They then need
to download the second page and have 30 undergraduate students endorse them.
Once both parts of the application are complete, they are brought before the legislature
who votes to accept the candidate.

Questions regarding senator applications can be directed to
the USGA President at [email protected].