USGA President’s Corner

Scott Kazar

Let’s Pack the Stands!

Students of the University of New Haven, I am reaching out to you for your help. It is my hope to have a big crowd at the football game this weekend. Let’s show the Charger football team how much we support them by showing up in large numbers, packing the stands, and having lots of fun. Don’t forget to show up wearing lots of blue!

Scott Kazar, USGA President

Also, get excited for Homecoming and Midnight Madness this year because they are both coming up. I would really like to see everyone up and out at our school events to show how much pride we have in our school. This is a new and exciting year, and USGA, as a whole, is going to work hard to make sure that this is the best one thus far. So, let’s get out, get involved, show some school spirit, and have lots of fun.

Scott Kazar