USGA President’s Corner – Sept. 28

Hello Chargers! Welcome to the President’s corner. Today, I have some fun updates from USGA, the Undergraduate Student Government Association. We meet weekly on Fridays at 2:30 PM via zoom (anyone can attend- check out our IG @humans_of_usga for more info!) Last week, we discussed what programming during a pandemic is like, and the state of the mental health of our students on campus. With the discussion here, we hope to provide more programming from a University level and weekend programming!

For those who want to come to USGA, next week we will be revisiting the COVID-19 Initiative Assessment Commission- a commission with the intention of assessing what we need as students on campus and recommend how USGA should help! This was inspired by previous USGA President Ian Maloney’s actions last spring when he created the food insecurity initiative and reimbursed residential students back partial room and board.

If you are interested in participating in this conversation, come join us next Friday!