USGA President’s Corner

Patrick Kelland

Hello Everyone,

Finals are here at last. Hopefully you are almost done with your tasks for this semester and are getting ready to head home for a much deserved and relaxing break.

This past weekend was the annual Snowball. If you didn’t get the chance to go, I strongly encourage you consider it in the next years you are here. It was a great festivity and all who attended had a great time.

The USGA Pledge of Allegiance Discussion took place on Monday, and it was very productive. Hopefully you were able to hear a bit about it from those who attended.

Anyways, as the last few days of finals pass by, you may find yourself thinking how quickly this semester passed by. Whether this is your first semester of college, first semester at University of New Haven or your last or second to last semester, you have undoubtedly made some great memories and created bonds of friendship that will last a lifetime.

Enjoy your breaks, get some rest and look forward to what the spring semester has in store for us all. See you all in a few weeks!


Patrick Kelland