USGA President’s Corner

Patrick Kelland

Dear Students,

Fall is here! Our sports teams are all off to great starts,and many things are happening here at UNH. This past week we had the pleasure of hosting the Board of Governors for one of their routine meetings and they were able to see the dedication of Bergami Hall, formerly New Hall.

As the fall progresses, you all have probably gotten to know your professors a bit better. Keep getting to know them, stay after class and chat with them about their interests and yours. You may be surprised how much you have in common with them.

Our faculty and staff are here for you; they enjoy talking to their students and connecting with them will ultimately help you out as you continue your educational journey.

In addition, congratulations to the newly elected class officers of the Freshman and Junior Class. Keep getting involved and find your fit on campus. As always, feel free to stop by the USGA Office in Bartels if you would like to say hello, and if you have any questions or concerns visit Charger Connection to “Post a Concern.”


Patrick Kelland