USGA President’s Corner

Scott Kazar

Fellow UNH students,

 As we go further into this semester and work starts to pile up, we quickly become overwhelmed. This is also true for me, and it seems like we will never get everything accomplished. I just want to say, start one task at a time and take a step back to relax once in a while. Make sure you get rest and eat healthy. If anyone needs help, advice, questions about clubs, or would just like to talk, my office door is always open for you.

Also I have some advice for the rest of this semester that has helped me out a lot this year. Make sure you keep track of your work and follow through on your word. Be honest in every situation, no matter what the outcome is, and be true to yourself and others. Lastly, if you say it, then do it. And lastly, don’t be afraid to be yourself.

Let your voice be heard!

Scott Kazar

USGA President