USGA President’s Corner

Scott Kazar

Fellow UNH students,

The annual Last Man Standing competition hosted by the USGA will be held this year from April 18 to April 22. Registration is going on this week until April 16. The first place prize is $2,000.00 in Visa Gift Cards, second place prize is $1,000.00 in Visa Gift Cards, and third place prize is $500.00 in Visa Gift Cards. If you have any questions at all please feel free to e-mail me at [email protected].

As a reminder the annual Spring Weekend is fast approaching. I would like to thank SCOPE for all of their hard work and planning that has gone on so far. I hope to see everyone out at the concert and the carnival on the weekend of April 28 to April 30.

I encourage any students who have any questions about UNH or how to get involved to come visit the USGA offices located on the third floor of Bartels Hall. Anytime of the day you can find students who will be able to answer your questions or help you any way they can. As always if you have any concerns log onto and “Let your voice be heard.”

Have a great week!

Scott Kazar

USGA President

[email protected]