USGA Hosts President and Treasurer Debate


University of New Haven’s USGA hosted a debate on Tuesday (Feb. 13), in the Henry C. Lee building. The debate, which started at 9:00 p.m., allowed both candidates for USGA treasurer and USGA president to participate in a forum and present their platforms to the student body. Ian Maloney and Parker Johnson, both junior criminal justice majors, are candidates for USGA treasurer and president respectively. Both are running unopposed.

Johnson decided to run for USGA president after serving on USGA since her freshman year at the university and after serving as executive assistant of the executive board.

“It’s not something I originally planned on doing,” said Johnson. “I didn’t just want to run because I had the opportunity. I wanted to make sure that I was running because I am passionate about USGA and I have ideas to better the student body.”

Maloney made the decision to run for treasurer because he felt that he was “good with money” and that improvements could be made to how organizations on campus received and utilized their funding.

When it came time for the candidates to announce their platforms, Johnson took the time to describe her goals using “three pillars” that included “honesty and clarity, dedication and passion, and inclusivity and approachability.” Through these pillars, Johnson hopes to create a USGA that is more open and inclusive to all members of the University of New Haven community, despite their involvement in USGA.

Maloney’s platform covers “four key points” that he would like to see enacted during his term as USGA treasurer. The first is to create a checklist, or “cheat sheet”, of necessary paperwork and materials that need to be completed in order for RSOs (Recognized Student Organizations) to request funding or plan events. The next few points would work on allowing RSOs to see what their budgets’ are and how they came to be that way, allowing organizations to use budgeted funds as they see fit across budget lines, and to increase the amount of diversity seen in USGA representation.

When summarizing his platform and talking about what he wished to accomplish for RSOs, Maloney said “We want to hand them the tools to be successful.”

A second debate for USGA treasurer and president will be held on Tuesday, Feb. 20, at 9:00 p.m. in Henry C. Lee for students to ask candidates their questions and to hear what the candidates have to offer the USGA and the University of New Haven community.