USGA Elections are Coming!

Joann Wolwowicz

Now with spring break being over and done with and the semester looking shorter than ever, it’s that time again. What time do I mean? It’s USGA election time! Okay, so what does that mean for all of you out there reading this editorial? It means it’s time to pay attention and make a decision that will positively impact this university and the undergraduate student body. I’m going to try to make this sound as less of a lecture as possible, and more of a strong suggestion. This university is your home, whether you’re graduating in May or just finishing up your first year. Make the decisions that will best benefit this school. Want something to change; then vote for someone you believe will make those changes happen.

So what should you look for this election time during campaign week? Look for a chance to get to know the candidates. When it comes time to vote from March 27-29, will you know who will best represent you? The positions that are open are USGA president, USGA treasurer, and 20 seats in the USGA senate. With multiple candidates running for each position, it’s easy to get confused and vote based on if you know the person or not. That is no way to make a decision, but sadly that how many people vote sometimes. This isn’t (or shouldn’t be) a popularity contest. Do not vote for someone simply because you know them, they are your friend, or you just don’t like the other people. None of that makes for an outstanding president, treasurer, or senator.

During campaign week, there will be a variety of events for the student body to meet the candidates. Don’t know someone? Then get to know them. Read their campaign statements and see what they are all about. Find out exactly what they feel they can do for the USGA, what their plans and ideas are, and just what makes them stand out from all the rest. After that, attend the debates, and have them answer your questions. Do you have a concern about something university related? Ask each of the candidates how they would address your concern. Why vote for someone who you do not think would help fix what you think needs fixing. I would much rather be sure of who I am voting for, because by voting for them I am stating that I am confident that this person will do a good job, represent the undergraduate students to the best of their ability, and will do their responsibilities as they promised to do. If I can’t say that about someone, then I will not be voting for that person; it’s as simple as that.

So why are these elections so important? (Granted, some of you don’t even know what USGA is; but I am not going to even go there.) You may be wondering “well what does it matter to me?” It matters a lot in fact. The Undergraduate Student Government Association is composed of the leaders of the University. They handle how clubs and organizations run, keep track of the money involved, and they keep this university organized. It is the go-to place for everything undergraduate related. Do you really want to see it all fall apart because as a university we elect incompetent people into those positions? I don’t want a USGA president who can’t run a meeting, who won’t listen to a single thing students say, and is only interested in the money. I don’t want a USGA treasurer who doesn’t know the first thing about money, checks, or even just finances in general. And I certainly do not want a senate full of senators who do not have their own opinions on matters, who are afraid to speak out, and who will vote based on the popular votes rather than how they really feel.

And so I ask you, undergraduates of the University of New Haven, take this time to get to know those people who want to represent you. Just because someone is your friend, does not mean they would do a good job representing you, and just because you do not know someone that well, does not mean they would not be a better fit to the position. Listen to what these people have to say, and ask your questions. The future of the university depends on this election, as it does every year. And for those seniors who are probably saying “well it doesn’t affect me because I’m graduating,” think again. If you love this university, you will make an informed vote. Just think; some of your friends will still be here, and they will still be leading various clubs and organizations. Next year’s USGA will affect everything they want to do. Do not make things harder; be an informed voter today!