USGA Elections 2013: Treasurer Candidates

The Charger Bulletin

Isaak Kifle

Dear Campus Community,

My name is Isaak Kifle and I am running for Treasurer of the Undergraduate Student Government Association (USGA). I am a junior at the University of New Haven studying psychology and I believe that I would bring the right combination of skills, experience and passion to this critical position within the student body. My involvement with the USGA financial system began when I was elected Treasurer of the Class of 2014 in September 2010. In addition, I served as the secondary representative of the Class of 2014 in USGA meetings that same year.

Beginning in my sophomore year, I served as a member of the USGA Budget Committee and, in February 2012, became a USGA Senator. Throughout my years at UNH, I have served the USGA is a large number of roles. All of these experiences culminated in February 2013, when I had the honor of being appointed by the USGA legislature as the first Chair of the USGA Budget Committee, a position that was recently separated from the USGA Treasurer.

As the Budget Committee Chair, I work directly under the current USGA Treasurer and assist with the organization of the yearly budget process. Through this position as well as the others that I have held, I have gained an understanding of the primary issues present in the financial system as well as ideas on how to address those issues. For example, mistakes that result in loss of budgets or money requested often arise from communication issues or a lack of understanding of the process. This year, a great deal has been done to simplify many aspects of the yearly budget process and make it more user-friendly to everyone involved. I plan to continue this by making the system more approachable; not only to treasurers, but to everyone that plays a part in the utilization of USGA funds.

Mentorship is critical to the success of future student leaders and so I plan to foster connections between newer and more experienced RSO treasurers. This could take the form of socials or roundtables as well as a distribution list I hope to create to improve communication among treasurers.

The university is transitioning into the Banner System and soon, finances will be handled through that system as well. Treasurers and other executives as well as the advisors of RSOs will need to have an understanding of this system in order to manage budgets and I hope to create more comprehensive guides to improve this process and ensure that everyone is able to obtain the maximum benefit possible from Banner.

Lastly, I am very open to any suggestions and encourage you to come find me or contact me with comments or ideas on what you would like to see done. Thank you for your time and remember to vote Isaak Kifle for USGA Treasurer!


Enrique Cruz


My name is Enrique Cruz and I am running for the Undergraduate Student Government Association Treasurer position. I am currently a junior, majoring in Criminal Justice with a concentration in International Justice and Security. The position of Treasurer is nothing new to me. I have held the Treasurer position of Lambda Alpha Upsilon Fraternity Inc. for the past two years. Having the Treasurer position is not a simple task as they take the responsibility of managing all finances as well as addressing any budget problems.

I want to be USGA Treasurer because the Recognized Student Organizations deserve someone who is caring, constantly there, and reliable. My experience as Treasurer has made me realize the only time I would go to USGA Treasurer office was when I needed help. One problem RSO’s face is going to the treasurer’s office and not being able to have budgetary issues addressed because he or she is not there. There are a few things I would like to change if I am elected USGA Treasurer. The campus has noticeably been changing over to more sustainable efficiency. The University’s Business Office sends out electronic paystubs. I would like to see all USGA financial forms submitted electronically. This initiative would help limit the waste of paper and save money on printer ink and toner. This would also help students who have poor penmanship.

I would also like to see RSO’s have access to view their account balances on Banner, instead of having to wait until the USGA Treasurer is at their office hour or the weekly USGA Meeting. This will help the RSO’s with managing their budgets. This year Purchase Orders have changed over to online forms. This made it very simple and efficient to pay vendors. The one thing I would like to change is notification that an RSO has completed a Purchase Order. It is up to the USGA Treasurer to constantly check banner to see if any RSO submitted a purchase order. This hinders the payment of vendors and shipment of goods for the RSO.

Not being available during scheduled office hours is something I would not like to happen if I am elected USGA Treasurer. There are things one cannot control, but when there is no notification, it looks bad. The office hours are offered for the students and when one is not present he or she is taking away from the students. I want to be elected as the next USGA Treasurer for the students because student leaders are what make the campus for what it is.