Upcoming Events

Christopher Rinck

There are many big events coming up on campus that I suggest every student makes an attempt to attend or participate in these events. These events are:

•    First home football game against Bentley at 1:00pm on Dellacamera Field

•    Soundview Hall Dedication at 9:00am on Friday, September 25th

•    Henry C. Lee Institute Building Groundbreaking Ceremony at 11am on Friday, September 25

•    Homecoming! Events from 11am – game time at North Campus. Football game against Stone Hill begins at 1:00pm

I encourage all students to attend these events. Events like Homecoming were at one time part of UNH tradition and now they are back. Let’s show the Administration how much these events mean to the student body by showing up with great attendance. If your club or organization is interested in reserving a “BlueOut BlowOut Zone space please log onto Chargervoice.com to register.

Thank you very much, and I hope that you all have a great week!

Christopher Rinck