University Student Has Knack for Celebrities


Lauren Cohen, a sophomore music industry major, has met more celebrities than she can count. The New Jersey native spends her breaks and her summers trying to meet countless celebrities that pass through New York City. She started in 2013 when she first met Ariana Grande.

“Each day I am getting better at it, and some light stalking is involved. Nothing too extreme,” said Cohen on how she got her start.

Cohen gets the opportunity to meet some of these celebrities through meet and greet packages that are offered with concert tickets, and others are through pure luck. She says she met Sam Smith and Robert De Niro while waiting for other celebrities staying at the same hotels. According to Cohen, many celebrities often stay at the same hotels, making it a little easier.

Out of all the celebrities Cohen has met, her favorite is Ariana Grande. She has been a fan since Grande’s first album Yours Truly came out in 2013.

“When I met Ariana, we hugged and I didn’t want to let go,” said Cohen.

Since then, Cohen has met the pop star twice more and plans on meeting her again.

Cohen has met countless celebrities, she says has trained herself not to swoon or fangirl in front of them. She began this training when she first met Grande, and has been improving ever since.

“Honestly, it was just me telling myself that I can’t fangirl because Ariana wouldn’t like it,” Cohen said when asked what her training tactics entailed. “She’s my favorite and I love her so much, I wouldn’t have wanted to upset her.”

When she’s not planning to meet celebrities, Cohen spends her free time sending fan mail to even more celebrities. So far, she has a collection of over 600 autographs and plans on extending that collection.

Cohen is currently involved in Alphia Phi Omega, The Charger Bulletin, S.C.O.P.E., S.P.E.L.L., PIRO, MIC and Alpha Lambda Delta on campus.

After graduation, Cohen will be pursuing a career in the music industry, and hopefully living in Los Angeles. She says that chasing and meeting all of these celebrities has prepared her for her future in the music industry.

“I have gone from an absolute fangirl to understanding these are people I will eventually work with,” said Cohen.