University record label to release sampler album


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The cover of iumi’s newest song, “ghost kid.”

Among the many artistic and creative programs offered by the University of New Haven, one seems to often be overshadowed, yet remains ever-present on campus: Music and Sound Recording.

Like any college campus, there are students in bands performing on-campus, locally and taking the time to travel to locations that are often hours away. However, there is something different about the interaction between campus bands and the university community here at New Haven: there is an opportunity to potentially be signed by the university’s record label Rein Records.

According to the Rein Records website, it was established in 2020, but the label itself has been around for longer. In 2020 the label underwent a rebranding process to take on new life. While the record label isn’t exclusive to campus, it strives to promote local artists, and provides students with the opportunity to work with established artists and gain experience in the industry.

Currently, Rein Records has four artists signed: Chris Chase, Malachi McLegend, Iumi and Final Call. Formerly signed was campus favorite Big Tuesday. Each artist will have a single featured on the sampler record, providing a look into each artist with the label.

The label has a mix of genres represented in their artists. Malachi McLegend is a hip hop artist, Iumi is a folk/songwriter and alternative artist, Chris Chase is a rapper and Final Call is a pop punk/alternative rock band.

Music and sound recording students that are a part of the label work with the bands on a variety of projects. Deanna Fielding, a senior music and sound recording major, is currently working with Final Call on marketing, and commented on being a part of the label within the music and sound recording major.

On the topic of getting involved with the opportunities that are offered on campus, Fielding said, “One thing I’d say to myself if I was a freshman is do not pigeonhole right now. College is not the time to pigeonhole, now is the time to … just do everything, because I was like, ‘Oh yeah, I’m going to be a producer; I’m going to be a studio recordist,’ and then all of these other avenues I just shunned, and now I’m in my last year.”

One of the most important opportunities within the music and sound recording program, according to Fielding, is a study-away program in Nashville, where selected students are sent to participate in an internship with a label or studio in Nashville for a semester. Fielding said this program was one of her main draws to the university’s program, but that it isn’t often advertised.

“They don’t really talk about it unless you’re in the program, and even then, you know, I talked to the freshmen about it and they don’t really know much about it either,” Fielding said.

Now, with the Nashville internship under her belt, Fielding is looking to finish out her last year in the program, working with Rein Records as she does so. Fielding, like other students working on the label, is working on promoting the sampler album before its release on Dec. 9 on all streaming platforms.

The plan for the sampler is to have physical copies of the albums made, so not only can prospective students listen to the work they could be a part of as a student, but also be able to see and hold a physical copy of that work.

Keep an eye out for the sampler album and promotional materials for it around campus to support the artists and students involved.