University record label releases ‘All at Once’ EP


Graphic courtesy of Rein Records.

The Rein Records logo.

This past Friday, student-run record label Rein Records released their EP “All at Once,” which they described as “an eclectic collection of previously released tunes that effortlessly unifies the unparalleled artistic personalities of its first signees.”

The EP showcases five artists: Big Tuesday, Malachi McLegend, iumi, Final Call and Chris Chase.

According to Maddie Rund and Alex Masaffa from the Rein Records staff, Big Tuesday is referenced as providing a “dose of tasteful nostalgia.” Malachi McLegend adds “a lush blend of pulsing rhythms and silky-smooth vocals” and iumi “a dreamy acoustic movement that breathes peace into the EP.” Final Call showcases “their grungy sound with a vibrant, playful twist.” The final artist on the EP is Chris Chase, who is discussed as having “catchy beats that accentuate his unmistakable sound.”

Solo artist McLegend spoke on his experiences thus far in the production process with Rein Records. Holistically, he said that “I’m really grateful for the opportunity that they gave me.”

In respect to his single that is featured on the EP, McLegend discussed his work on fusing different genres of music in his career. The song “That Type of Night” is a clash of EDM with R&B which plays into the nightlife scene.

McLegend said “I was inspired by the club life; it was a whole new atmosphere for me.” This drove his inspiration for the single.

McLegend also reflected on the inner workings of the label, discussing his experience in obtaining a manager role through the university’s new artist management class, in addition to commenting on the interconnectivity and bonds present between artists featured on the EP.

He even gave a shout out to alt-rock group Big Tuesday, who also made a statement on the experience. As a collective, they said that “We’re just happy to be able to share our music in a different format with people around campus and in record stores. Although the artists are all different genres, it’s the coming together of local music on one CD that is the coolest part of this project.”

As the label has said, “‘All at Once’ is just the beginning.”

Rein Records’ mission surrounds their efforts to “guide today’s most enthusiastic musicians toward the career of their dreams, allowing artists to grab the reins and control their destiny.”