University Professor Brings Hitchcock to Campus


Christina Genovese/ The Charger Bulletin

Seton Gallery was transformed into Davis’ own personal Hitchcock collection as the university welcoming his exhibit.

One man’s admiration and appreciation for Alfred Hitchcock was showcased in a recent exhibit in the Seton Gallery.On Tuesday (Nov. 6) a showcase entitled “$elling the Movies: Hitchcock Posters, Stills, Lobby Cards, Etc.” opened, and featured university professor Wes Davis’ collection of Hitchcock film memorabilia including books and the films themselves.

According to Davis, he has had a passion for Hitchcock since he was a child and went to see the films in theaters. He started collecting posters from the films then, and it turned into a passion for collecting.

In addition to his collection, Davis also premiered his new Hitchcock documentary, “The Hitchcock Moment: Style & Substance.” Davis wrote and narrated the documentary, and produced it with members of the university’s Communication department and junior communication major Nate Gagne, who edited the entire documentary.

“It’s a long and thorough process that took many days and nights, but overall I am happy with the end result,” said Gagne.

Christina Genovese/ The Charger Bulletin
Hitchcock movie posters lined the walls of Seton Gallery as part of the multi-day exhibit.

“The best part about this project is seeing everyone’s positive feedback toward the movie,I’m really glad that people are enjoying learning about movies from one of the masters of cinema.”

The exhibit ran from Tuesday Oct. 30 through Sunday Nov. 11. Davis is teaching an honors film class this semester that looks at Hitchcock’s films and techniques in an effort to understand his process.

This is Davis’ fourth show at the university based around courses he has taught. He started 10 years ago when teaching a course on science fiction for the honors department. His biggest show was last spring, when he taught a course called Contemporary LGBT World Cinema, and he filled the gallery with posters from all around the world.

“I don’t want to be the only one that ever sees them. You have this stuff, and to keep it under lock and key someplace? You want to share these things with other people,” said Davis.