University offers unique opportunities for those that take it

There are times where we can get caught up in the negatives we see at the university. When everything is not up to the quality students expect, we speak out to seek improvements. With that said, it is important to recognize some of the major positives of this institution.

One of these positive attributes is the opportunities that being a relatively smaller university offers its students. Every major, whether it be through alumni networks or on-campus clubs, has a way for people to get meaningful experience in the field they want to pursue.

Students interested in sports, for example, can find their way onto the staff at North Campus to work in the world of sports, whether it be with media or game-day operations. Business students have the chance to manage the money for clubs, or explore the process of procuring advertisements. Criminal justice students have a vast array of alumni, symposiums and professional experience to rely on as they enter the workforce. And there are many, many more chances for students of all majors to get some kind of meaningful experience.

While students going into college expect some level of this, it’s not always what they find when they step onto a campus. The University of New Haven offers their students these opportunities at a level that bigger institutions may not.

Students also have access to a variety of development centers that help to build resumès and prepare to enter the working world upon graduation. The Career Development Center is a hub for resources that students, and even alumni, can rely on to assist them across all stages in the path to constructing their future. Students can seek guidance on landing internships in their field, which are often required prior to graduation.

Across a wide variety of our university’s programs, highly accredited professors are found integrating their experiences into our classrooms. From members of the university who hold a Pulitzer Prize, to an Emmy, to professors who are making breakthrough contributions in fields such as cancer research, toxicology and even youth justice. Regardless of your major or area of study, it is almost guaranteed that you will cross paths with a professor that holds high repute in their area of expertise.