University hires new deputy chief, Brett Mahoney

Nov. 1 marked Brett Mahoney’s first day as the new deputy chief for the University of New Haven Police Department (UPD). With over 30 years of experience in law enforcement, he is excited for a fresh start in a collegiate setting.

“The vibe here [at the university], I have been here two days, has been wildly different than what I came from,” said Mahoney.

He said the university is an energetic, vibrant and exciting setting.

Mohoney joined the university community with a vast law enforcement resume. He began his career as a seasonal recreational park ranger from what was previously known as the Department of Environmental Protection. He then continued his career in the Waterford Police Department (WPD) where he spent over 26 years. While with WPD, he had a variety of jobs including patrol officer, investigator, sergeant, lieutenant and chief of police for over six years. He is also the recipient of the WPD Meritorious Award.

Mahoney has a bachelor’s degree in English literature and a master’s in criminal justice. He has been involved in multiple task forces along with having the privilege of attending the FBI National Academy in 2012 for training in Quantico, VA.

Mahoney reflected on retiring from the WPD in October, saying he loved that town and his job. However, he knew that when it came down to retiring, he wanted to pursue a different type of law enforcement.

He continued, saying, “When you’ve been in a career for a long time, you need some changes.”

Mahoney said his position could be described as a resource to the chief of police and UPD to bring a new perspective and experience.

Mahoney was interested in this position because it gives him the opportunity to go out into the Charger community to interact, speak and seek what changes students hope to see. With Mahoney’s open-door policy, he looks forward to helping the student body with his skill set, with the hopes to learn from them, as well.

“I am looking for a nice back and forth of ‘here is what I have to offer, what can you teach me?”

Mahoney said he hopes his approach makes students feel comfortable to reach out and speak. He wants to have a collaborative relationship with the student body.

UPD’s non-emergency number is (203) 932-7014 and Mahoney’s email is [email protected].