University alumna invited to speak on “America’s Most Wanted”

On Sept. 24, 2012, Eugene Palmer allegedly killed his daughter-in-law Tammy in Stony Point, NY. In May 2019, Palmer was added to the FBI 10 Most Wanted Fugitives list. On Mar. 15, his case was featured on the revival episode of popular crime show, “America’s Most Wanted” and featured University of New Haven alumna and former Charger Bulletin student life editor, Jennifer Korn.

Korn graduated from the university’s English program in 2020 and currently works at the Rockland County Times as a digital editor. Since 2012, the Rockland County Times has released a series of articles about Palmer’s case. In late January, “America’s Most Wanted” contacted the publication in search of Dylan Skriloff, the original reporter. After informing the producer that Skriloff no longer worked there, the publication’s staff volunteered Korn to speak in his place.

Korn said that her co-workers volunteered her because her position involves digitizing the publication’s archives, including those of the Palmer case. In February, a producer of the show interviewed Korn and selected her to appear in the episode. Korn said that she felt both nervous and excited.

“I grew up loving crime shows like [“America’s Most Wanted”] and I never imagined actually being on one, so that was a really cool opportunity for myself, but also just feeling like I could be a part of something that might bring closure to my own community was also an awesome part of this project,” said Korn.

Korn did additional research on the case prior to the recording date, and the show provided her with a script that overviewed the flow of the episode and talking points that they wanted her to touch upon. The episode offered background on the Palmer family, with Korn contributing information to the timeline of the case, such as how Eugene had been waiting for Tammy in the woods as she dropped her children off at the bus stop, just before he shot her.

One aspect of the Palmer case that Korn felt could have been highlighted more in the episode was his familiarity with the outdoors. His mastery of the outdoors, according to Korn, offered him an advantage when escaping, and might be the reason why he has yet to be caught. The show’s new host Elizabeth Vargas mentioned Palmer’s understanding of the Rockland area, but Korn feels that it is a crucial part of the case that should have been further discussed

“America’s Most Wanted” has helped to find at least 1,186 criminals during its runtime, and Korn hopes this episode will help to solve the Palmer case as well.

“I support the mission of the show. It’s not just entertainment, it has a purpose,” said Korn. “It’s really serving the community and the country… I’m thankful I was given that opportunity.”

The episode is available to stream on the Fox website.