Unity Run Builds Bridges


Christina Genovese

Hosted at the University of New Haven on September 10, the Unity Run/Walk was a 3k race on campus. This was a first time event that was hosted to celebrate how even though people have differences they can still all come together as one and support each other. The 3k was organized by University of New Haven women’s basketball,  track and field, and everyone in the Department of Athletics.

West Haven Black Coalition President Carroll E. Brown came and spoke at the event about how great it is that everyone was gathered to celebrate and recognize the differences between them. Unity is something that gives people strength and diversity – it is what makes a community strong. It is important that in the communities of the University of New Haven and West Haven come together as one and show support of each other, and this race did just that.


The race brought students and locals together to run/walk as a group of people from all different backgrounds. The goal of the unity at this race was to show respect for everyone regardless of any differences in race, religion, sexual preference, etc. With uniting as a group, the happiness and love spread was seen throughout the race.

Freshman Erin Cuomo said, “I loved how it brought everyone together. I liked how there were athletes, non-athletes, and people young and old that all participated in the race. I enjoyed participating and it was a really great way to spend my Saturday!”  

First the race started off right in front of the Campus Store, and continued all around the perimeter of the campus and back to the front entrance. Then racers crossed the street and made their way running up and around North Campus to the finish line.

When the race had ended all participants and organizers of the race joined together in the parking lot for a block party. There was food, a DJ, an inflatable bouncy house, and powder paint to throw in the air. Everyone did some dances as a big group and had a great time.

The University of New Haven mascot, Charlie the Charger, attended the block party and danced with everyone and took pictures. All participants and organizers were given Ziploc bags filled with colored powder to hold onto for the powder paint party.

Then, the event became beautifully colored when everyone was told to toss up all the powder out of their bags creating a colorful dust in the air. The powder landed everywhere, on everyone’s clothes, faces, hair, and the pavement. People continued spreading color and spreading love as a group during the block party, all covered in powder.
This event had a great turn out, and really helped some of our athletic teams as well as helped the University of New Haven and West Haven Community grow stronger. An all in all it was a great time on a nice hot day and was fun for all the students and the locals that attended.