UNH Survives Zombie Apocalypse

Liana Teixeira

What happens when you combine the living dead, dancing and a good cause? A hauntingly successful Zombie Prom. This past Friday, Oct, 19, the German Club was transformed into a genuine zombie haven as Up ‘til Dawn hosted the University of New Haven’s first annual Zombie Prom. Students dressed up in their best zombie-inspired costumes and enjoyed a night of dancing, refreshments and good music. Halloween-themed decorations lined the walls and windows as the Photography Club held a photo shoot for both zombies and humans, and their dates.

Up ’til Dawn’s first annual Zombie Prom was held in the German Club to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

Admission was $1 for zombies and $2 for “survivors.” All proceeds from the event went to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to help them continue their research and treatments for childhood cancer and disease.

Senior Nazly Bokhari, one of the coordinators for the event, said Up ‘til Dawn tries to put a new twist on their events each year. This year’s theme is Nickelodeon. While planning the prom, event staff drew inspiration from 90s Nickelodeon favorites such as Goosebumps and Are You Afraid of the Dark? “This year, we’re trying to kick it in, to do more for the school,” Bokhari said.

Attendees had the option of getting “zom-ba-fied” at a make-up station or experiment some of the eerie concoctions brewing at the refreshment stand. A surprise performance by the Monsoon Dance Team at 10:30 p.m. got everyone on the dance floor, as the team executed a near-perfect rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” dance routine.

Extensive preparation went into planning the event. On the Wednesday leading up to the prom, Monsoon Dance Team held a “Thriller” workshop in Bartels to teach the dance to those wishing to learn. On Thursday, Oct. 18, students could buy baked goods or flowers for their zombie dates in Bartels and on-campus residence halls. Co-sponsors included the Interior Design LLC, the Paranormal Investigation and Research Organization (PIRO), Sci-Fi Club, UNH Photography Club and Monsoon Dance Team.

A significant number of student volunteers from these organizations came out to show their support for the event as well. Freshman Karla Galban assisted in catering the prom by providing cupcakes and helped research zombie make-up.

Galban had only positive things to say about the zombie-themed prom. “It’s zombies and you get to dance. What’s better than that?” she said. Many more volunteers, dressed in complete “zom-ba-fied” attire, additionally managed the food and drink stations, make-up stations and sign-in, making the event’s coordination a smooth success.

While the night initially got off to a slow start, the energy quickly picked up as students (and zombies) embraced a new and original type of prom. Up ‘til Dawn hopes to make Zombie Prom a yearly occurrence.