UNH Students See Lewis Black Live

The Charger Bulletin

WEST HAVEN–Friday, April 3 was full of laughter for over 100 UNH students who hopped on a bus to see Lewis Black’s “Let Them Eat Cake” tour in Peekskill, New York. As everyone was getting on the buses at UNH there was an excitement in the air. Every group of friends began the night with their own laughter in preparation for the show to follow.

Black has appeared in movies like Man of the Year and Accepted as well as numerous comedy specials including Lewis Black: Red, White and Screwed and Lewis Black: Taxed Beyond Belief.
Because of the excitement in the air on the way to Peekskill there was no lull in the good times had by all. Even the bus ride itself was exciting. The area around Peekskill was so hilly and the streets were so narrow that the coach buses had an extremely difficult time actually getting to the theater. Then it was show time!

The opening act for Lewis Black was nothing if not eccentric. My first thought was that there was something wrong with him mentally or that he was on drugs (strong ones). Although he had his funny moments, he left me and those around me wanting Black to come on stage sooner rather than later.

Black came out onto the stage as he has done many times before, yelling and upset about something. He was absolutely hysterical, marveling at the stupidity of Americans and making fun of the people who thought that he would have nothing to joke about now that George Bush is no longer the President. Black was on stage for over an hour and the theater was filled with laughter the entire time.

This was a wonderful event sponsored by the Student Committee on Programming Events (SCOPE). The UNH contingent even got mentioned before the show-we made up about a quarter of the theater. It is wonderful that so many students got to enjoy this off-campus event!