UNH PRIDE Offers a Second Chance

Karina Krul

On Nov. 21 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the second floor studio of the Beckerman Recreation Center, UNH PRIDE held their annual Second Chance Prom. The purpose of this prom was to give those members of the LGBT+ community who were unable to take their significant other to their prom—because of any discriminatory rules or attitudes—a second chance to dance the night away.


Although this was the main intention, the prom was open to anyone who wanted to come out for a fun night of acceptance and dancing. The event lasted for two hours, and brought together people from many different backgrounds and experiences to dance while fighting discrimination, and that was the real success of the night.

Discrimination against the LGBT+ community is a far reaching problem, especially in the social setting of a school prom. It is that discrimination that prevents many couples from attending what is supposed to be the best night of their lives. UNH PRIDE, with Second Chance Prom, created an environment of acceptance and support that welcomed everyone equally with open arms.     Second Chance Prom was a night of not only laughing and dancing, but of love and acceptance.


The night offered music, refreshments, and even a second chance to take the perfect prom photo. Students piled into the Rec Center studios for a night they would never forget, and music forming memories that would last a life time. The turn-out was high, highlighting the support of the campus community and the common goal of ending discrimination worldwide.

The prom offered something for everyone, with very few guidelines; students could wear whatever they wanted, stay for as long as they wanted, and bring whoever they wanted. The experience was what you made it, which many say was the appeal to the whole night.

“No matter how you dress or who you want to bring, everybody should be able to have the prom they dreamed of,” said freshman Erin Ambrosio.

Students attended in everything from formal prom dresses to jeans and a t-shirt danced side-by-side and celebrated their ability to experience the prom they always wanted. Second Chance Prom turned out to be the second chance of a lifetime and a night to remember.