UNH Music Magazine debut-featured interview

The Charger Bulletin

Charger Bulletin: What motivated you to start this
sister project with The Charger Bulletin?

Mia Becker: The project had great support from
the beginning, which I think was the first real motivating factor. I wanted to
start a music magazine on campus just through a large interest in what’s
happening within our school, and events going on downtown. Our music program is
such a large part of our school and I wanted to create an additional outlet for
what’s happening within the musical

CB: What impact do you see this having
on the University
of New Haven

MB: Hopefully a positive one. Something
that can really expand and shed insight into the local scene and expose some
new talent-both on and off campus. I’d like the project to be able to continue
for years to come.

CB: What specific groups are you
looking to get involved with?

MB: We’re looking to be involved with
all Music/Entertainment based clubs on campus-especially MEISA, because it’s
one of the largest. Any club/groups that would be interested in teaming up with
our publication, let us know!

CB: Tell us a little bit about what
topics you will be covering.

MB: A solid range of topics: various
events happening on campus (concerts, club events), upcoming shows within the
CT area, new music releases, conferences and news within the Music Industry,
and features on local artists in the area, both on and off campus.        

CB: Can non-music majors help with this

MB: Definitely! Just having a
general love for music is key. Anyone is welcome to join our staff. Everyone’s
musical tastes and musical experiences are so different. Contact us with any
questions or intent of interest!

CB: Will this be in a print format

We’d like to be eventually. We’re
looking to expand the project into print in the future; maybe by next year.
There are advantages to being published online and advantages to being
physically published. But having a great public response/participation, as well
as being printed is our ultimate goal.