UNH Memes

Matt DiGiovanni

By now I’m sure at least most of the students at UNH (at least those with a Facebook account) have seen the UNH memes that have been floating around. I’m going to be honest, a lot of them are really funny (or at least a little funny), like the Philosoraptor questioning “why is it called the University of New Haven if we are in West Haven?” and the Lion King stills about walking to CVS from campus. However, some of these memes go a different direction, such as the Dos Equis most interesting man meme with the text “I’m not always depressed, but when I am, it’s because I haven’t transferred out of UNH yet” or one referencing President Kaplan’s new car.

The issue I take with many of the more negative memes isn’t that they bash UNH or anything along those lines; it’s more that some of the issues brought up aren’t actually UNH issues. They’re either issues that ALL colleges, or at least other comparable universities, face. An easy one for this is the mention of President Kaplan’s new car or the commentary on the housing issue (where it shows President Kaplan’s smiling face saying “LOLJK” at the prospect of guaranteeing housing). New car? Usually people who work receive money for the job they do, and following this earning period, they can spend that money as they please.

It’s a bit of a pet peeve when people assume that any new purchase by an administrator equals “a student’s tuition just got put towards that.” As for the housing issue, this is universally a problem on college campuses. As the community grows, it becomes too large to house just on campus, so the upperclassmen get the boot. I will agree that it’s not the swiftest deposit system, where if at any point, you are offered housing (even just a few days before the semester), you will not be refunded (how can you wait that long to know if you have housing?), the system as a whole is inevitable.

Just to make sure I’m clear here, I advocate continued meme posting, I just want them to stay funny, make some quips at the university, but stick to inside jokes about everything, don’t make sweeping generalizations that apply everywhere! Where’s the fun in that? Okay fine, either way it’s still fun, but it would be best if we stuck with UNH themes! Speaking of UNH, the University of New Hampshire freshman meme image is all over the place. The only reason I think everyone should move away from that one is so that we can keep distinguishing ourselves from our northern buddies with the same initials.

I wholly expect continued entertainment on Facebook from these memes, so keep them coming! To show my support for them, there might just be a meme I liked on the comics page right now (page 9)! Have one of your own you’d like to see in the paper? Send it along to [email protected] and if it’s suitable, it might just fill that spot in the next issue! Have a great week everyone!