UNH Interior Design Students’ exhibit debuts on campus library

Mia Becker

WEST HAVEN–Walking into the main doors of the Marvin K.
Peterson library many students will notice a frontal display of blueprints and
various drawings. These pieces are the first of many interior design exhibits
throughout the library.

On the wall, adjacent to the stairway, drawings of floor
plans, architectural designs, and books hang brightly. Examples of topics
ranging from the structure of architecture, lighting, color, and the business
of designing a room, are displayed in this exhibit.

Books about famous architectures like Frank Gehry, and Frank
Lloyd Wright are visible.

The work of UNH students continues into the stairway and
onto the second floor of the library. Businesses within the New
and Connecticut
area were used as structural examples; inspiring the drawings and designs

This exhibit is the first by UNH students in the Interior
Design and Pre-Architecture program and will be open during library hours.

More information can be found at http://www.newhaven.edu/library/.