UNH Goes to D.C.


Christina Genovese

October 6th-9th, University of New Haven’s Undergraduate Student Government Association sent four student leaders to the America Student Government Association conference in Washington, D.C.

ASGA holds conferences in ten different cities for colleges and universities around the country. This organization’s goal is to focus on Student Government training, research and consulting. They are the only one in the nation that does this, and they welcome all Student Government leaders and advisors.

The experience was beneficial because the representatives were introduced to other students from around the country, and even around the world, and see the many different styles of student governments. Students came as far away as Hawaii, Alaska, Egypt, and Cambodia. Learning from people that live in different places than us, and have a bigger or smaller amount of students than us, run their government showed students how important student government is in order to make sure all students get the most out of their college experience. Not that many people realize how much work it is to take on the needs of the student body and put it into action – the U.N.H. undergraduate student government association is more advanced than other schools so U.N.H. is lucky to be able to have what they provide us with.  

There were such great professional speakers who have student government experience that did sessions about leadership, assertiveness, and communication that directly empowered students to want to be the best leader they can be. Also, by seeing how some other schools struggle with trying to get students to be involved on campus made representatives fortunate that U.N.H. have a large majority of students involved in organizations, and many clubs that host and sponsor events. This conference opened my eyes to why they love student government and made me feel the true desire they have to make things happen on our campus.

Another student who attended this conference was junior Nicholas Mroczka, who has been a USGA senator for three years, and was appointed to the budget committee this semester. He benefitted a lot from this conference and shared his thoughts on the conference.

Mroczka said, “I am truly humbled to have been able to go on this conference and learn from student governments nationally and globally. The information I learned was enlightening, and has rekindled my passion for student government. Personally, the experience has escalated my role as a senator by educating me on how to be a better advocate for the entire student body. I appreciate the University for providing the opportunity for me to help our Undergraduate Student Government Association improve and succeed.”

Also, sophomore Kimberly Minier attended ASGA. She is the Class of 2019 vice president, served as a senator last year, and is now Assistant Treasurer and the chair of the budget committee. She enjoyed talking to and meeting executive board members from around the country and world.

Minier said, “What I liked most about the conference was that it was networking based and was really all about getting to know people from other student governments. There are many issues that other schools have that we don’t, and that really opened my eyes and showed me how lucky we are to have some of the things we have.”

Freshman Victor Rosado said, “My experience at the ASGA Conference was one full of laughter, excitement and learning. I was sent down not knowing much about what to expect, and I came back so happy that I went. Being able to come together with people from all over the globe, and discuss how we can make our school and USGA better is an experience like no other.”
Overall, sending students to the ASGA conference was a success, and now they can network with other schools around the country and world, and share information to our university about what we can do to really make our years here the best they can be for all students.