UNH Fire Science Program Nationally Recognized

Sabrina Foote

At first, people may assume that when you say you go to the University of New Haven that you are studying forensic science or criminal justice, but UNH has another major taking over the spotlight.

The Fire Science program at UNH was recognized in the month of June by the National Fire Academy for being one of 16 four-year schools in the United States with a bachelor’s degree in fire science that works with the model for the National Fire Academy’s Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education Program.

The National Fire Academy, a division of the Department of Homeland Security, recognizes colleges that have programs which emphasize firefighting response, fire prevention, and fire administration.

The mission of the United States Fire Academy is to provide national leadership to foster a solid foundation for fire and emergency services stakeholders in prevention, preparedness, and response.

The data collected through the last forty years, in regards to fire losses, demonstrates a dramatic improvement. The fire death rate is one of the highest per capita in today’s industrialized world.

In one year, fire kills approximately 3,400 civilians and injures another 17,500, not including the approximate 100 firefighters. 12 billion dollars a year are spent on dues for property losses thanks to fire damage.

The recognition that the school received is priceless because it gives a high validation to the UNH’s program, making it possible for students to receive credit for the UNH related work at state fire academies and even at the National Fire Academy.

The fire science program at the UNH should be incredibly proud of its achievements thus far. This program is one of the largest and most comprehensive in the country; being a fire science major is more than just knowing where to spray a stream of water.

Fighting fires involves strategy, technique, the understanding of the science behind fire, and a steady knowledge on how to react when a situation arises.

Many students at UNH are very proud of their associate’s and bachelor’s fire science programs, but none hold more pride than those student and professors who have dedicated their lives to learning, educating, and eventually battling the fires that can cause so much damage if they are not controlled.

Congratulations to you all.