Underrated Glee Star Shines in New Mixtape

Ashley Winward

The cast of glee has always been praised for their vocal talents; Lea Michelle, the late Cory Monteith, and Chris Colfer amongst the most noted names. There has always been one member, however, that has been underappreciated and gone so unnoticed he actually doesn’t appear in every episode anymore; this person is Glee Project season one co-winner Samuel Larsen.


Photo Provided by Ashley Winward

The gorgeous, dreadlocked singer Larsen (aka Joe Hart), who plays the role of Teen Jesus, recently put out a free mixtape called 3 Blind Costumes that shows a side of Larsen we’ve never really gotten the chance to see on the Glee set because of his heavily religious character.

This smooth and sultry ten track mix has been on repeat in my room all week, no real surprise though because he has been my favorite glee cast member since he stepped foot on the set.

The whole feel of the mixtape gives so many Justin Timberlake-esque vibes, it’s crazy. Primarily set with piano and a drum track, every song has a little bounce and groove you can noticeably feel. Adding in Larsen’s serenading voice over it makes me weak in the knees!

There is still a lot of versatility even though it is all very much grounded in this soulful pop genre. Opening track “Blakey,” uses old trumpet recordings to give it a 1920’s feel. “What She’s Doing,” has a drum track that reminds me of 90’s R&B, and the chorus of “Nobody,” was pulled straight out of the boy band style of my childhood.

As far as favorite tracks go, it was the slow songs that really showed off Larsen’s vocal range. Check out “Complete,” “Purple Sun,” and “Punishment,” but you might want to make sure you’re sitting down first! His voice just makes you melt, it’s undeniable! His cover of Lenny Kravitz’ “Be,” also shouldn’t be overlooked; it’s probably one of the strongest of the whole mixtape. You can find it at http://samuelarsen.com/stems for free! With no cost to pick up 10 amazing songs, you seriously have nothing to lose.